Our Mission

Care Together.

The journey of senior care is filled with challenges at every step.

Our mission is to eliminate these obstacles for everyone involved. In doing so, we significantly reduce costs, enhance care staff satisfaction, and enrich the lives of older adults and their caregivers.

Our Values.

There are two kinds of people at Serenity.

Those obsessed with eliminating friction throughout the senior care journey, and those obsessed with developing innovative solutions to support it.

We concern ourselves with every detail of the experience we create for you and for your customers. This is just one of the ways we distinguish ourselves from others.


because we don’t accept status quo


for better lives through connectedness


to do the right thing


and to do things right

Meet the Team.

Katherine Wells, CEO

Katherine Wells


Rob Pinna, CPO & VP Engineering

Rob Pinna

CPO & VP Engineering

Kelly Hickey

CFO & VP Operations

Cory Meyer

Chief Revenue Officer

Amy Yount

VP Customer Success

Bretagne (Pullens) Stowe

VP of Business Development

Our Product Team

Our talented product design and engineering team is made up of a diverse set of people who excel in their craft, but prefer to let their work speak louder than their picture. (In other words, they are a bit camera shy.) Behind the scenes, they bring innovation to life through their creativity, expertise and dedication. Their modern tech stack, their skill in think-outside-the-box problem solving, and their collaborative spirit is a key part of our success.

Our Offices.

We often work from our homes, trains, planes, and sometimes automobiles (but only if someone else is driving). You can also find us at our offices collaborating pretty regularly. Here are a few of our locations.


1550 Larimer St, Suite 471
Denver, CO 80202

Idaho Falls, UT

Aurora, CO

Learn how we give you a strategic leap forward.

Because status quo isn’t your thing.


Want to join our mission?

Our current team is on a roll, and we don’t have any openings at the moment. Check back with us!