Serenity Connect and Heartland Pharmacy Have Partnered to Modernize a Tech-Laggard Industry

At Serenity Connect, we’re on a mission to revolutionize the world of senior care.

We have been working directly with Heartland Pharmacy to replace stagnant, outdated communication methods between dedicated pharmacy technicians, wellness directors, med techs, and executive directors with real-time, HIPAA-compliant messaging using web, mobile, and Alexa assistant products.

And the good news is that this only scratches the surface of what Serenity Connect has to offer!

Serenity Connect is trusted across the care continuum, from senior living and hospice to pharmacy, by consolidating tools with an enterprise-ready solution.

“While working with a care staff team, it’s essential to keep everyone on the same page, especially since 95% of the time, customer relationship issues are related to communication. Serenity solves this with one platform to communicate on, all together, at any time of day with the access they need.” 

Lacie, PCAT Department Manager, Idaho Falls

How can Serenity help your community?

“Alexa, call my daughter!”

Both staff and residents of Senior Living Communities use Serenity Connect to:

  • Make announcements

  • Allow residents to see & hear upcoming activities/menu

  • Make connections to Hospice, Home Health and Pharmacy

  • Assist with inter-staff communication

  • Automate daily check-ins

  • Call for help

Serenity Connect helps Hospice Communities with:

  • Social worker, RN, CNA, chaplain, volunteer coordination

  • E-forms and E-signatures

  • Providing updates via patient channels

  • Ongoing text-based grievance support

The Serenity Connect Difference

With Serenity Connect, communities see a 10% improvement in census while each staff member gains 15 hours per month. Leaders of these communities report a decrease in staff turnover and an increase in staff productivity.

Not only are staff members impacted by Serenity Connect, but family members and residents are able to stay connected with each other as well. Communities that use Serenity Connect see improved resident satisfaction and a reduction in family stress.

It’s time to take your care community to the next level of support with Serenity Connect. Why use multiple tools when you have an all-in-one solution at your fingertips?