At a Glance:

In partnership with Serenity, At Home Senior Living boosted its:

  • Staff Productivity – No longer reliant on phone tag, email, and non-secure text messaging for information sharing (ROI: 7-10 hrs of time saved per week) 
  • Transparency – Digital “paper trail” of information to keep everyone accountable and cut down on communication errors. Oversight to keep everyone accountable. Families rest assured there are no hidden agendas because of the upfront and honest relaying of information.
  • Risk Reduction – Reduced risk in managing medications, therapy schedules, dietary needs, and more. 
  • Reputation – Happy care teams and families create positive ripple effects including more word-of-mouth referrals, and increases in census.

Removing the friction from the senior care journey

Senior living communities share common communication challenges when it comes to coordinating care for aging adults. At Home Senior Living faced obstacles when exchanging information, leading to inefficiencies, disjointed, and unnecessary conversations among the many members of a resident’s care team. 

To streamline communication, they sought a centralized information hub as the single source of truth for care providers—helping to enhance care quality, strengthen relationships with third-party providers, and make families feel more at ease about their loved one’s welfare.

Enter Serenity. 

Serenity is the communication tool that helps elevate At Home Senior Living’s already high quality of care. With consistent, collaborative continuity of communication through the Serenity platform, At Home Senior Living delivers an experience of simplicity, connection, and harmony to all. 

“Communication really makes or breaks a relationship. Care providers need to be heard and understood, and resident families need to be included in their loved one’s care. Serenity has made it so that no one feels lost or unheard. It’s been a lifesaver for staff to communicate easily, but it also makes our outside families feel valued and more deeply connected to what’s going on inside our community.” – Brandy Serrato, Executive Director, At Home Senior Living, Jesup

Distilling information: Delivering timely information to the right people at the right time

Multiple channels were created for specific staff groups to communicate in their areas of care. These direct channels streamlined information to the right people, such as executive leadership, dining services, and Certified Medication Aides (CMA). As a result, pertinent information keeps everyone in lock-step

With Serenity’s messaging system, senders can see when their messages have been read, eliminating confusion and restoring accountability to ensure everyone is on the same page. Additionally, the traceability of messages within Serenity provides a reliable reference point for any communication, making it easy to track and follow up on any outstanding issues.

“Families choose our community over others because we encourage transparency with communication. Too often we try to make a call but get pulled in different directions by both staff and residents who need us at that moment. That contributes to a delay in responding to messages. Serenity has helped us deliver on our promise of transparency. We’re able to help each other make sure messages don’t get lost or overlooked. Families see updates at the same time we do and can address issues or challenges promptly.” – Brandy Serrato, Executive Director,  At Home Senior Living, Jesup

Strengthening provider relationships with transparent cross-organization communication  

At Home Senior Living partners with a home health agency that manages PT, OT, speech therapy, and nursing care for their residents. However, miscommunication and missed appointments had previously caused frustration for staff. 

The Serenity platform provides a secure channel for both organizations to exchange appointment information. Schedules for the following day are outlined in chat channels and aligned with each resident’s calendar along with a “digital paper trail” to corroborate details.

“We love our outside providers and we know the risk of tarnishing our relationship with them due to inefficient communication. Looking elsewhere for another home health organization would have had a significant impact on the community. Serenity is that communication source that keeps resident appointments organized so we can keep our providers’ trust and give our staff a more holistic view of care.” – Kim Hall, Community Relations, At Home Senior Living, Cochran

“Showing off Serenity during a tour is a major highlight, allowing the community to go beyond the list of services and show prospects and their loved ones that tangible, transparent glimpse into what daily life is like. Serenity can show prospects how much families rely on those updates of their loved ones. It’s a service that will soon be the status quo in senior care everywhere.”  – Kim Hall, Community Relations, At Home Senior Living, Cochran


Serenity Connect is the only network that allows aging service providers, older adults, and their loved ones to “care together.” Our web, mobile and Alexa assistant products power the network to enable real-time, HIPAA-compliant communication, collaboration, and education. Providers and communities increase revenue and lower expenses, while families and older adults get better care and greater peace of mind. 

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