“Utilizing Serenity has been a game-changer for our communities and pharmacy team, with increased communication and decreased stress on our community staff. Our entire care staff team, from pharmacy to community, is focused on the most essential thing: resident care.”

Cory Meyer – Chief Experience Officer, Heartland LTC Pharmacy

At a Glance

Heartland Pharmacy:

  • Helped their partners turn their relationship with Heartland into a competitive advantage
  • Streamlined the communication process resulting in getting the right medications to the right people at the right time
  • Lightened the load for the nurses they work with in long-term care (LTC) communities with open and transparent communication
  • Improved their overall efficiency, productivity, and accountability, impacting their bottom line

Modernizing a Tech-Laggard Industry 

The senior care industry faces a lot of obstacles, but long-term care pharmacies shouldn’t be one of them. For senior care staff, their long-term care pharmacy can make life easier for them and their residents, or it can be one more frustrating relationship to manage with minimal communication and accountability. 

One forward-thinking LTC pharmacy is modernizing an industry that’s been slow to change how communication is exchanged. Heartland Pharmacy is an organization that cares about effective, transparent communication, and is meeting today’s customer expectations in a fast-paced environment. They are collaborating, solving problems, and leveraging simple technology to optimize their staff and remove friction through the communication process.

Providing Optimal Service Requires More Collaborative Care 

Heartland Pharmacy is one of the most widely respected long-term care pharmacies dedicated to making a difference in the lives of the residents, families, and healthcare partners they serve in Idaho Falls, Boise, Salt Lake City, and Denver. For over 20 years, Heartland has been delivering solution-based services to senior living and hospice providers in 650 senior living communities across 14 states nationwide. 

Today’s long-term care pharmacies have a considerable number of challenges to contend with to provide optimal service that drives the business forward. Staffing shortages and record pharmaceutical needs have caused burnout among nurses across the senior care industry. 

Pharmacy technicians are often fending off blame for things that are out of their control. They deal with an increasing number of phone calls, emails, faxes, and texts, all of which are not HIPAA-compliant. Because technicians are often pulled in many directions throughout the day working with multiple partner providers such as hospice, LTC pharmacy, and home health, it is difficult to find time out of the day to respond and locate the right person to fulfill a request.

That’s why the need for collaborative care has never been greater.

Reimagining Transparent Real-Time Communication

Heartland’s goal was to replace stagnant outdated communication methods and consolidate the way they interface with their communities. They wanted any one of their technicians to easily step in at any point and service the community because the trail of conversation between a resident’s care team and the pharmacy was transparent and easily accessible.

“While working with a care staff team, it’s essential to keep everyone on the same page, especially since 95% of the time, customer relationship issues are related to communication. Serenity solves this with one platform to communicate on, all together, at any time of day with the access they need.” 

-Lacie – PCAT Department Manager, Idaho Falls

Introducing Serenity Connect 

Secure, real-time messaging that allows aging service providers, older adults, and their loved ones to “care together.” 

Serenity helps Heartland Pharmacy create channels and spaces of secure communication between dedicated pharmacy technicians, wellness directors, and often med techs and executive directors. They can exchange messages, photos of medications, and status updates in real time, and with a trail of evidence everyone can follow.

Serenity has helped care teams keep all communication together in a centralized place, right at their fingertips. All care teams have access to find information when needed with open lines of communication before, during, and after working hours. Today, Heartland is on the leading edge of bringing streamlined, transparent communication to its communities. Serenity’s pharmacy interface software makes response times go from hours to seconds, which has boosted Heartland’s credibility and reputation as a whole.

“Naturally, attending frequent management meetings can get in the way of proactive communication, but with Serenity, our partners get the full attention they deserve. They can message me, and it’s quick and easy for me to respond in real-time; no more waiting on faxes and phone tags!”

-Caitlyn – PCAT Manager, Boise


  • Connects the entire care ecosystem with streamlined communication, digital collaboration, and personalized education to simplify care
  • Insight and oversight to reduce errors in communication and medication deliveries
  • Save time for staff ( 3-5 hours a week), which results in more efficiency and productivity 
  • Elevate the level of service by accessing all communities from one place

About Heartland Pharmacy

Founded in 2001, Heartland Pharmacy is a caring and dependable long-term care pharmacy that is family-focused and dedicated to making a difference in the lives of the individuals, families, and healthcare partners it serves. With locations in Idaho Falls, Boise, Denver, and Salt Lake City, Heartland Pharmacy delivers personal, consistent, and reliable service to communities across the nation. 

About Serenity Connect

Serenity is the only network that allows aging service providers, older adults, and their loved ones to “care together.” Our web, mobile and Alexa assistant products power the network to enable real-time, HIPAA-compliant communication, collaboration, and education. Providers and communities increase revenue and lower expenses, while families and older adults get better care and greater peace of mind.