How often do you find yourself asking, “Alexa turn the music down.” or “Siri what’s the weather going to be like this afternoon?” or even “Google, tell me what’s on my calendar for today.”

Safe to say that technology-enabled assistants like Amazon Alexa, iPhone Siri, and Google Assistant have quickly become an integral part of our day-to-day lives.

And we’re incredibly excited to share that this easy-to-use, streamlined form of communication can now be shared with our loved ones, too.

Game-Changing Technology Increases Independence and Reduces Isolation In Senior Care

We recently announced a partnership with Amazon’s Senior Living solution from Alexa Smart Properties to bridge siloes in senior care with Serenity’s Alexa for Smart Properties.

Click here to read our press release to learn more about our trailblazing technology that brings simplicity to the complex senior care ecosystem.

By marrying the state-of-the-art Amazon voice and video technology with Serenity’s platform, we’ve created a powerful personalized, digital concierge – bringing simplicity and connection to an otherwise complex, siloed system.

From caregivers to providers to families, and most importantly, older adults, each has experienced challenges and frustrations due to siloed, antiquated, and inefficient communication methods. This has led to difficulties in providing the highest quality of care – something we never want to see happen with our loved ones.

In short, long-standing barriers have been built between each of these stakeholders involved in care, and it’s now time to break them down by leveraging the type of technology that has made our own lives easier.

“Senior care is undergoing a massive generational and digital transformation. Our trailblazing technology gives instant access and visibility to everyone involved, from older adults to providers and care teams to family members that are seeking insight into their loved one’s care. For the first time, everyone involved in care can be working in concert with each other.”

Katherine Wells, CEO and founder, Serenity Connect

The Importance of Connection

Having Serenity’s Alexa for Smart Properties for Senior Living means Mom or Dad can be independent again.

Instead of having to rely on caregivers to provide them with information when they stop by their room, older adults now have the autonomy to ask Alexa a whole host of questions, from understanding what’s on the menu for today to knowing when Book Club starts on Thursday. They can even sign up for special activities such as the bus to the grocery store.

Our CEO Katherine Wells has said it best:

“Humans crave connections. With Serenity’s Alexa Smart Properties for Senior Living, we are giving a new opportunity and lifeline to older adults who are in need of that connection.”

The instantaneous communication significantly benefits the senior living providers too, with the ability to send broadcast announcements to all, some, or specific Serenity Alexa devices in their community.

The Benefits of AI, Video & Real-Time Communication

“We had 3 new signups for our waitlist in part due to the evidence of our proactive communication through Serenity’s Alexa capabilities.”

Jane W., executive director for a national senior living provider

With smart coordination and integrated, consolidated communication, Serenity’s Alexa for Smart Properties meets providers, care teams, families, and most importantly, older adults, where they are.

Serenity’s Alexa for Smart Properties benefits all stakeholders by improving staff efficiency, increasing resident independence, combating loneliness and isolation, and spotlighting the incredible quality of care being delivered to those we love, and increasing family engagement and satisfaction.

This enhanced, real-time communication provides myriad benefits to the whole care ecosystem. This includes:

  • Reduces strain on overburdened staff
  • Increases independence and engagement among seniors
  • Improves accessibility with bilingual, memory, hearing, and visual challenges
  • Closes the distance gap between seniors and their loved ones
  • Improves staff, resident, and family satisfaction
  • Ensures the right people get the right information at the right time in the right way

And it is easy to use! The notion that our older adults are not tech-savvy is a myth. We have seen 98-year-olds who are delighted with the independence they have gained with Serenity’s Alexa for Smart Properties.

Start Connecting with Serenity

Serenity’s ability to utilize Alexa for Smart Properties brings simplicity to the complex senior care ecosystem, reducing staff burden while increasing resident engagement and vital family connectedness.

As the go-to platform for streamlining communication, care coordination, and education, Serenity Connect is the first to harmoniously connect the formerly siloed stakeholders, including providers, care teams, older adults, and family members, across the entire senior care ecosystem.

Ready to level up? Start connecting with Serenity.