Join Serenity at this year’s On Aging 2023, the nation’s largest multidisciplinary conference on aging.

We’ll be walking the show floor, engaging with other attendees, and our CEO Katherine Wells has not one, but two, speaking sessions at the show.

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Start Acting on Collaborative Care: What it Means and How it Impacts the Bottom Line

Tue Mar 28, 2023 | 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM

A leading Colorado-based residential care provider for memory care, Assured Senior Living, has experienced tremendous growth in the past five years.

However, with growth came increased communication challenges, including disparate providers and manual communication processes. These inefficiencies proved to be frustrating and time-intensive for staff and families.

Enter Serenity Connect, a HIPAA-compliant communication platform.

During this session, Francis LeGasse Jr., President and CEO of Assured Senior Living, and Katherine Wells, CEO of Serenity, will share how Serenity has effortlessly streamlined communication between cross-disciplinary teams at Assured Senior Living, optimizing and increasing communication by more than 200%.

The Five Myths of Hospice Care: How to Break Them and Why It Matters

Wed Mar 29, 2023 | 7:30 AM – 9:00 AM

“Hospice care is expensive.”

How many times has a care provider heard this, or something similar?

It’s time to debunk the top myths of hospice care. During this session, Katherine Wells, CEO of Serenity, will demystify hospice care, including the top five myths most commonly heard across hospice:

  1. Hospice is expensive.
  2. Hospice isn’t necessary.
  3. Hospice means we’ve given up.
  4. Hospice means moving to a hospice hospital.
  5. Hospice care accelerates death.

Hospice is often misunderstood and overwhelming for families, leaving providers with the task of educating families while quickly building a trusted partnership. Join this session to better understand hospice care and how technology solves the many challenges faced by hospice care.

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