Join Serenity at this year’s Senior Living Executive Conference, a must-attend event for industry professionals in all areas critical to a successful senior living business.

Our CEO Katherine Wells will be walking the show floor, engaging with attendees, and has two speaking sessions at the show!

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Stop Talking, Start Acting on Collaborative Care: What It Means And How It Impacts Your Bottom Line

Wednesday, May 10, 2023 – 8:15AM – 9:15 AM CST

Join Jane Woloson, Executive Director at Aberdeen Ridge and Katherine Well, CEO and Founder of Serenity, for this session. This case-study-style session will illustrate the impact of collaborative care across the senior living ecosystem. It will discuss how technology can help streamline communication, which means that key staff members can gain 3 to 5 hours per week that would have otherwise been lost to scrambling to keep family members in the loop, tracking down siloed providers, or not being able to find information. Attendees will walk away with real-world examples that showcase the significance that streamlined communication can provide to residents and their loved ones; to nurses, providers, and care teams; as well as to the bottom line of care facilities. 

Inspiring Stakeholders to Reimagine Senior Living while Securing Census, Satisfaction & Sustainment

Wednesday, May 10, 2023 – 9:30AM – 10:30 AM CST

America’s nursing home industry is nearly 300 years old … From dank almshouses established by English settlers to house seniors alongside those who were mentally ill, senior living facilities eventually morphed into convalescent homes after the Depression and, by the 1980s, flourished due to government support that helped relieve hospitals overburdened by caring for seniors. To compete today, some senior living campuses are more hotel-like than home-like, featuring trendy furnishings, coffee bars, and chef-prepared meals with wine pairings. Despite these efforts, the industry faces its greatest challenges yet: a severely contracted economy, stricter regulations, decreasing reimbursements, and tremendous staffing shortages that threaten to shutter hundreds of post-acute care campuses.

This session will help measurably increase employee engagement, as well as resident and family satisfaction – critical components in a growing census. Moreover, by successfully using the tactics presented to build robust connections, attendees will join other industry professionals in collectively sustaining the industry’s future by helping both employees and consumers alike reimagine senior living campuses as highly attractive, desirable places to work and live. Speakers will outline a triad approach for establishing lasting, familiar bonds with employees, residents, families, providers, and referral sources (who, as a result, will become loyal brand ambassadors) through thought leadership that’s relational, innovative technology solutions; and a “why”-focused culture. 

Using this combination of high-touch, high-tech, and “high-reach” tactics, attendees will learn how to achieve 5-star employee and resident experiences, proving it’s not only paychecks and safe care that count, but also genuine, caring connections that are critical in securing census, satisfaction, and long-term sustainment.

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