Families want to ensure the needs of their loved ones are met. In a recent article, Serenity CEO Katherine Wells explains how smart caregiving can take the senior living experience to the next level by improving efficiencies.

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When their loved one moves into senior living, it can be one of the most taxing experiences for any family and requires a great deal of trust in the community’s staff members to ensure that the needs of the older adult are well met.

That trust is the currency of senior living, yet it often is unknowingly compromised by simple communication gaps. In fact, 80% of legal issues begin in the first 14 days of care, and they mostly boil down to a lack of expectation-setting or poor communication.

This is rarely a conscious decision. Rather, it is an antiquated, siloed and complex system that creates unnecessary obstacles and makes it difficult to consistently communicate about the care of our older adults.

Senior living communities are reimagining ways to improve efficiencies. The industry itself is undergoing a massive generational and digital transformation, and some forward-thinkers are capturing the opportunity to differentiate and take the senior living experience to the next level.

Connecting siloed ecosystems

Care should be everywhere.

As ambient technologies continue to develop, there’s no reason that they shouldn’t find their way into senior living to coincide with ambient care. Just as Amazon makes life easier by telling Alexa to turn off lights, answer the door or tell us tomorrow’s weather, older adults stand to benefit from the same efficiencies when the technology is embedded into their daily lives and offers information and access at their fingertips.