Serenity recently had the opportunity to reunite with fellow innovators and esteemed colleagues during the highly anticipated 2023 Argentum Senior Living Executive Conference in New Orleans and the Leading Age Colorado Conference in Vail, CO. 

These events serve as a platform for leaders in the industry to unite, share innovative ideas, and gather invaluable insights that are driving the future of senior living.

Here are the top 4 trends we took away from both conferences:

1. Addressing the Ongoing Staffing Crisis

The senior living industry is currently facing an escalating staffing crisis, which is expected to intensify in the coming years. Factors such as an aging population, increased demand for senior care services, and a shortage of qualified personnel contribute to this pressing issue. 

Understanding the impact of burnout on staff directly correlates with the quality of care provided to residents and clients. By recognizing and addressing the root causes of burnout, such as heavy workloads, emotional demands, and limited resources, providers can offer better support to their employees.

Furthermore, innovative technology solutions are playing an important role in mitigating staff turnover, helping to streamline processes and enhance operational efficiency. By adopting smart technologies, senior living providers across the country are better managing staff workload and enhancing the overall care experience for residents and their entire care team.

2.  Create More Efficiency to Support Care Delivery

Technology is shrinking the time it takes to accomplish things. As senior living and aging services undergo the transformative shift we’ve long predicted, the importance of technology in driving efficiency is becoming increasingly evident. 

Providers now recognize the need to depart from traditional practices and embrace technology to streamline processes and reduce time-consuming tasks. This realization has led to a heightened awareness among providers to put a strategic technology plan in place. 

At both conferences, we heard valuable insights from technology experts and reputable communities. They provided guidance on how to assess, plan, and implement technology solutions tailored to an organization’s specific needs. Doing so optimizes operations and enhances both the resident and employee experience.

3. Think Differently

Keynote speaker at Argentum, Alex Banayan, the youngest bestselling business author in American history, said it best. To transform your business and achieve your goals, the senior living industry must embrace a mindset of thinking differently. 

The conventional approach of generating three options to solve a problem often limits creativity and innovation. Alex and other industry experts emphasized the importance of pushing beyond the initial solutions and asking the question, “What’s my fourth option?”

By challenging traditional thinking and exploring alternative possibilities, senior living providers can unlock new avenues for growth. This requires fostering a culture that encourages creativity, risk-taking, and open-mindedness. Embracing the fourth option mentality allows communities to discover novel solutions and differentiate themselves in a competitive market. By thinking differently and embracing innovative ideas and technology, the senior living industry can drive meaningful change.

4. Embrace the Digital Transformation 

The senior living industry is actively embracing digital transformation and harnessing the power of new-age technologies. Both conferences showcased an impressive array of cutting-edge technologies that have the potential to revolutionize the industry and cater to the evolving needs of older adults and their families. 

Serenity’s founder and CEO, Katherine Wells, had the privilege of delivering an engaging presentation at Leading Age, highlighting the pioneering implementation of Smart Assistant Technology in senior living. She emphasized the importance of dispelling the myth that everything is automatically taken care of when a loved one moves into a senior living community. Instead, the best communities educate and prepare prospective residents and their families about additional services available, creating convenience and connected care across providers. 

Seizing the opportunities of technology integration in the senior living industry is not only crucial for keeping pace with the evolving needs of older adults and their families but also holds the potential to revolutionize the entire industry with more convenience, connected care, and overall well-being.

Planning for Tomorrow’s Senior Living Ecosystem 

One thing is certain, “The baby boomers will not move into the same place their parents moved into, from a design and technology perspective,” said Doris-Ellie Sullivan, President of Retirement Unlimited Inc (Argentum).

Prioritizing efficiency, addressing the staffing shortage, embracing innovative thinking, and driving ongoing digital transformations are essential for shaping the future of the senior care ecosystem. By addressing these trends, the industry can navigate challenges better, deliver higher quality care, and create a brighter tomorrow for seniors and their families.