You’ve probably heard that Atria is rolling out Alexa for Senior Living across their entire portfolio. So what is it and why are they, and many others, doing this?

Because it creates efficiency, staff retention, drives census, and gives residents more independence. And yes, older adults are adopting it! In fact, here’s Betty, a resident at a Serenity Smart Community.

This is not your ‘off-the-shelf’ retail Alexa, either. You’ll need an Amazon solution provider (that’s us!) to deploy in a secure, closed network (in our case, it’s also HIPAA-compliant). These are fleet managed devices where you control the content.

Oh, and not all Alexa for Senior Living applications are the same. With Serenity Smart Communities, you will be able to:

  • Send mass announcements to groups & individuals
  • Allow residents to see & hear upcoming activities/menu
  • Automate daily check-ins
  • Set medication and other reminders
  • Make video or voice calls to approved friends and family
  • Call for help

And that’s just to name a few. Want to learn more?

45-sec Alexa demo

Imagine an in-room community concierge, allowing residents to easily self-serve – giving your staff time back in their day, and making your community the envy of the neighborhood.

Tech-forward companies are leading the way. See how CHI Living Communities are becoming Smart Communities.

Today’s fastest growing senior living communities use Serenity.

  • Attract more move-ins
  • Save 3-5 hours per staff each week
  • Reduce staff turnover (one community reported a 40% decrease!)
  • Watch your customer & resident satisfaction skyrocket

Serenity Alexa skill

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