“’Alexa, check me in.”

In Independent Living communities, staff must make two daily visits to each resident’s room, manually recording their status. This repetitive and time-consuming process is not only prone to human error but also consumes valuable staff time.

As check-ins become mandated across the country in states such as California, now more than ever communities are searching for a streamlined solution.

Serenity Connect is here to help.

Free up your care team to create deeper, more meaningful human connections with your residents, respecting their dignity and improving their overall well-being with Serenity’s Automated Check-In App.

  • Say goodbye to manual, labor-intensive check-ins
  • Give your staff the gift of time back to have more connection with residents 
  • Empower residents with the dignity to conduct a seamless check-in via Alexa

Convenience and Connection.

Serenity’s Check-In App enriches the senior care experience by adding convenience to daily operations and fostering more meaningful connections between staff and residents.

Independent Living residents in states like California can now rely on their community-owned Alexa device to conduct their check-in for them.

  • Residents use their Alexa Device from their room to say Alexa, check me in at any time during their designated check-in window.
  • If a resident hasn’t checked in, Alexa will provide both verbal and visual reminders.
  • As soon as the resident completes their check-in, the staff report will update instantly with the new status.

Staff can use the automated Check-In feature to generate real-time reports, keeping tabs on residents’ check-in status. 

Each check-in session provides a clear, real-time snapshot of resident statuses. 

For more detailed information, staff can access the up-to-date full report through an Excel attachment, conveniently at their fingertips.

With automated check-ins, the benefits are numerous:

✅ Staff time savings equivalent to part-time employee hours 

✅ Resident-Friendly: Nearly invisible check-ins via community-owned Alexa devices

✅ Real-Time Monitoring with dynamic reports for staff to track check-ins in real-time

✅ Enhance Safety for residents with limited mobility

Experience the future of senior care with Serenity’s automated Check-In App and explore the multiple ways it can create a more efficient and resident-focused environment in your senior care community.